RZJD-G350J Model Paper Bag Making Machine

  • High Output
  • Advanced Mechanical Design
  • High Precision Components
  • Germany Servo Motor
  • Germany Servo Driver
  • Germany PLC
  • Germany Touch Screen
  • CE Certificated
  • ISO Certificated
Length of cutting bag
Bag Length
Bag Width
Main motor

RZJD-G350J Model V Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

This Flat/V Sharp Bottom paper bag making machine are special design for food/bread bag. Because of this machine use Germany Servo System,comparing with the RZJD-G250J Model machine, the RZJD-G350J Model paper bag making machine can do more big size bag, and the speed also more fast.

Main Technical Data Detail

 Model RZJD-G350J
Length of cutting bag 165-715mm  
Bag length 160-710mm  
Bag width 70-350mm  
Insert size 20-120mm  
Bag mouth height 15/20mm 15/20mm
Bag speed 50-580pcs/min  
Paper feed width 160-960mm  
Paper material diameter 1100mm
Paper material thickness 35-80g/m²

Main Electrical Parts Detail

Motion controller 1 Germany LENZE
Human-computer touch screen 1 Germany LENZE
Servo motor 3 Germany LENZE
Servo driver 3 Germany LENZE
mains filter 1 Germany LENZE
Encoder 1 Germany  
Main motor 2 Taiwan China HOUSIN
Frequency converter 2   Switzerland ABB
Photoelectric color code tracking sensor 1   Germany SICK
photoelectric eye 1 Germany SICK
Low-voltage appliance 1 France SCHNEIDER
Radio button 1 China  
Electric control box with air conditioner 1 China  

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