Paper Bag Making Machine With Twister/Flat Handle Inline

  • Low Cost
  • High Efficiency
  • Stable working
  • CE Certificated
  • ISO Certificated
  • Custom Designed
  • Germany Servo Motor
  • Germany Servo Driver
  • Excellent Machine Design

Paper Bag Making Machine With Twister/Flat Handle Loop Inline

For Shopping Bag, The Twister Handle Loop Bag And Flat Handle bag are all popular. This is a special design paper bag making machine which can do the paper bag with twister handle loop, and paper bag with flat handle loop in automatic.If you turn off the handle loop function, this paper bag making machine can make the bag without handle loop. We can also add the paper bag making machine with printing inline function.

Main Technical Data Detail

Model RZFD--330T/F RZFD--450T/F RZFD--450BT/F
Cutting length 270-530mm 270-530mm 380-760mm
Cutting length With Handle 270-430mm (with handle) 270-430mm(with handle) 380-660mm(with handle)
Bag width 120-330mm 220-450mm 220-450mm
Bag width 200-330mm(with handle) 240-450mm(with handle) 240-450mm(with handle)
Bottom width 70-180mm 90-180mm 100-200mm
Paper Thickness 60-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡ 90-150g/㎡
Paper Thickness 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡ 90-150g/㎡
Paper roll width 380-1050mm 590-1290mn 620-1370mm
Paper roll width 620-1050mm 690-1290mm 710-1370mm
Roll paper diameter ф1300mm ф1300mm ф1300mm
Paper core ф76mm ф76mm ф76mm
Patch length 152mm 190mm 190mm
patch width 50mm 50mm 50mm
Handle Rope distance 75mm 95mm 95mm
Rope diameter Ф3-5mm Ф3-5mm Ф3-5m
Patch paper roll width 100mm 100mm 100mm
patch paper roll diameter ф1200mm ф1200mm ф1200mm
patch paper thickness 100-135g/㎡ 100-135g/㎡ 100-135g/㎡
production speed for bags with handles 30-150bags/min 30-130bags/min 30-120bags/min
     Flat Handle Part 
Rope Distance 75mm 85mm 85mm
flat rope width 12mm 12mm 12mm
flat handle height 100mm 100mm 100mm
Pasting paper width 45mm 45mm 45mm
pasting paper Patch length 152mm 190mm 190mm
Flat Handle Length 352mm 352mm 352mm
Unwinder width(paste paper) 100mm 100mm 100mm
Flat Handle Paper Gsm 120g/m2 120g/m2 120g/m2
Handle Paper Dia 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Machine Speed 30-200 bags/min 30-180bags/min 30-150bags/min
Paper bag speed 30-180bags/min 30-150bags/min 30-100bags/min
Bag With Flat Handle 30-110bags/min 30-90bags/min 30-90bags/min

Main Electrical Parts Detail

CPU Program Controller 1 Germany LENZE
PLC Power module 1  Germany LENZE
PLC Input module 2 Germany LENZE
PLC Point card 1 Germany LENZE
Main power filter 1 Germany LENZE
Human-computer touch screen interface 1 France SCHNEIDER
Servo Motor 8 Germany LENZE
Servo Motor Reducer 8 Germany  
Servo driver 6 Germany LENZE
forming frequency converter 1 Switzerland ABB
Bag forming motor 1 Taiwan China  
Photoelectric eye for printed-bag tracking   1 Germany SICK
Optical fiber communication separator 1 USA  
Low voltage electrical apparatus 1 France SCHNEIDER
Photoelectric sensor 1 USA BAUMER
Pneumatic component 1 Taiwan China  
Auto lubricating 1 China  
Air conditioner for electric control box 1 China  

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